Mentoring Program Materials

This program is taught by Tina Rasmussen and includes the following:

  • 1
    Individual Mentoring Program Overview --Read right away
    • Individual Mentoring Program Overview
  • 2
    General Materials
    • Two photos of Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder
    • One photo of Tina Rasmussen
    • Meditation Posture Instructions Audio, 10 minutes by Tina Rasmussen
  • 3
    Month 1 Materials-General Program Overview
    • Month 1 General Program Overview--Reading and Homework
    • What the Buddha Taught Chapter, by Walpole Rahula
    • Tina Rasmussen Non-duality Magazine Article
    • Month 1 Audio--Program Overview
  • 4
    Month 2 Materials--Enneagram and Personality; Working With Ourself Skillfully
    • Month 2 Enneagram and Personality; Working With Ourself Skillfully--Readings and Homework
    • Enneatype Chart, by Riso & Hudson
    • Month 2 Audio--Enneagram and Personality; Working With Ourself Skillfully
  • 5
    Month 3 Materials--Inquiry (Curious Presence in Daily Life); and the SuperEgo
    • Month 3 Inquiry; the SuperEgo--Readings and Homework
    • Why Inquire?, by A.H. Almaas
    • The Method of Inquiry, by John Davis
    • Using Inquiry to Unpack the Buddhist Teachings, by Lama Palden Drolma
    • Work on the SuperEgo, by A.H. Almaas
    • Working with the Inner Critic, by Byron Brown
    • Month 3 Audio--Inquiry; and the Inner Critic
  • 6
    Month 4 Materials--Sila and Wholesome Living
    • Month 4 Sila and Wholesome Living--Readings and Homework
    • Precepts Chant Sheet
    • Precepts Translation
    • Month 4 Audio--Sila and Wholesome Living
  • 7
    Month 5 Materials--Samatha: Focused Attention
    • Month 5 Samatha--Readings and Homework
    • Samatha Meditation Instructions Audio, 13 minutes by Tina Rasmussen
    • Month 5 Audio--Samatha
  • 8
    Month 6 Materials--Purification of Mind
    • Month 6 Purification of Mind--Readings and Homework
    • Month 6 Audio--Purification of Mind
  • 9
    Month 7 Materials--Vipassana: Open Monitoring
    • Month 7 Vipassana--Readings and Homework
    • Month 7 Audio--Vipassana: Insight
    • A Honed and Heavy Axe: Samatha and Vipassana in Harmony, by Ajahn Chandako
  • 10
    Month 8 Materials--Dzogchen and Non-duality: Self-Transcending
    • Month 8 Materials--Dzogchen and Non-duality: Self-Transcending
    • Dzogchen Meditation Instructions, by Tina Rasmussen
    • Genuine Happiness Rigpa Chapter, by B. Alan Wallace
    • The Indispensible Qualities of Awakening, by Adyashanti
    • True Meditation, by Adyashanti
    • Month 8 Audio--Rigpa and the Non-dual Traditions
  • 11
    Month 9 Materials--The Bramaviharas & Bodhicitta--Heart-Based
    • Month 9 The Bramaviharas & Bodhicitta--Readings and Homework
    • Bramaviharas Chart by Tina Rasmussen
    • The Practice of Forgiveness, by Jack Kornfield
    • What is a Bodhisattva, by Guy Armstrong
    • Month 9 Audio--The Bramaviharas: Purification of the Heart
  • 12
    Month 10--Body-based Practices
    • Month 10 Body-based Practices--Readings and Homework
    • Month 10 Audio--Body-based Practices
  • 13
    Month 11 Materials--Integration, Worldly Practice, and Socially Engaged Buddhism
    • Month 11 Integration, Worldly Practice, and Socially Engaged Buddhism
    • Facing my White Privilege, by Tara Brach
    • Healing the Broken Body of Sangha, by Ruth King
    • Month 11 Audio--Integration, Worldly Practice, and Socially Engaged Buddhism
  • 14
    Month 12--Your Vision, Intention, and Flame for Awakening
    • Month 12 Your Vision, Intention, and Flame for Awakening--Homework
    • Month 12 Audio--Your Vision, Intention, and Flame for Awakening

This program is a year long, and described below.

Please note the following:

All sessions are by Zoom. If there are other people currently in the program, you may also have the option to work with a "dharma buddy" for the year. Once you have paid for the program and signed on to the site, you can download the introduction which explains the details.

  • $2,295.00

    $2,295.00Individual Mentoring Program, Year-Long

    Includes: 12 monthly 55-minute 1:1 Zoom/phone mentoring sessions with Tina Rasmussen; 12 monthly reading lists and homework assignments; 24 PDF downloads; 12 monthly dharma talks; 20+ readings hotlinks
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What prior Mentoring Program participants say

“I found the Retreat-in-a-Box extremely useful. It was like having sign posts along the way. I looked forward each night to hearing the talk. It was very encouraging, reassuring and inspiring... I would definitely use it again in the future. ”

“I've deepened my practice more than ever, due to the clarity of the teaching.”

“I have seen more changes in myself from two years of concentration practice than in the previous 20 years of various meditation practices.”

“My faith in Buddhism has been deepened to a degree previously unimaginable, but is tempered by a profound sobriety of mind and wisdom. Every word of the dharma talks penetrated the core of my being and accellerated my practice.”

“Tina and Stephen, your dedication to the dharma is so inspiring to me. You've given me the courage to embrace my true path in life. Your efforts and example have given me a clarity that is truly miraculous. Thank you for all your hard work.”

“If I was to describe this to a friend, I would call it 'Jedi mind training!'”

“It will rock your world!”

“I feel more confident in my approach to the Anapanasati / samatha practice, and how to navigate the varied terrain as well.”“I feel more confident in my approach to the Anapanasati / samatha practice, and how to navigate the varied terrain as well.”

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